Public Art

At Lanterra, we believe art is a celebration of the creative spirit. At every one of our condominium communities, we have a specially commissioned work of art, strategically placed in the lobby or the common areas, for all of the residents to enjoy and be inspired.

At our Murano condominium, we commissioned internationally renowned artist Barbara Astman to create the iconic artwork that’s embedded in the podium wall. It celebrates the fabled glass artistry of the island of Murano in Italy.

At Burano on Bay Street, the four-storey glass atrium houses a custom-designed artwork by eminent artist Sandro Martini of Milan. Our WaterParkCity community features a spectacular artwork designed by the world-famous Vito Acconci. Our 39-storey tower at 18 Yonge Street is graced with a unique sculpture by the globally acclaimed Tom Otterness. With every new condominium we build, we will commission new public art that will depict the vibrant, diverse and multicultural ethos that has made Toronto a world-class city