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WaterParkCity: Public Art

Toronto leads the way with an emerging trend in condo development: the commissioning of public art. It was a busy spring with a raft of new art unveilings around town, with condo developers aiming to engage the community and leave their mark.

Official ceremonies were held to mark the dedication of a Vito Acconci architectural installation unveiled at WaterParkCity in the historic Fort York neighbourhood. Acconci led attendees on a walking tour of the eye-catching installation.

Lanterra’s CEO Barry Fenton thinks that more developers should concentrate on public art.

“As you can see from what we’ve accomplished here, it’s really added a lot of value and prestige to the building. Really, public art is a big part of the unit. Everyone thinks that when they buy the unit, they’re buying 500 square feet and that’s the end of it. The truth of it is this, their condo starts from when they enter the building to when they get up to the unit.”

WaterParkCity: Public Art Detail

Public Art Management president Karen Mills says that the sculpture was extremely complex and difficult to build. Fashioned from thin, painted galvanized steel plate, the intricate work of art was completely hand-wrought and twists and turns around the entire building.

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