A Quick Peek into Burano’s New Art-filled Restaurant Space

Sandro Martini and Rita Martini

Burano is 50 storeys of knife-edged glass and steel piercing the sky above Bay and Grosvenor Streets in Downtown Toronto. We’ve run enough shots of the architectsAlliance-designed Lanterra Developments condominium tower over the last year that every detail of the exterior is well known to UrbanToronto readers. What has been a little harder to see is what has been going on inside in the meantime. We plan to bring you coverage of the clever Munge Leung-designed interiors soon, but what we have been following rather ardently has been the unfolding creation of the room-filling artwork in the building’s soon-to-restaurant, a glass jewelbox-like projection at the north end of the complex.

Milan-based artist Sandro Martini has been responsible for its outfitting with a colourful and very energetic work, covering frescoed walls and huge etched glass panels, a work which has now been six years in the making. After such a long time the art will soon make an unforgettable room for the restauranteur who will call the space home. We have two images now, and much, much more coming as the space comes into its own.

Future Restaurant Space in Burano

Sandro Martini’s work fills with future restaurant space at Burano, image by Craig White

There is a lot still to be accomplished here before any guests are served a meal, including a reception for the artist in the coming months. Until that time you’ll be able to see the contents yourself through the glazing, and we’ll be back with the full story soon.

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