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A Soirée in Honour of Natasha the Residences

Lanterra Developments unveiled Natasha The Residences, a building inspired by Toronto’s PR Powerhouse and style maven, Natasha Koifman.

On June 28, 2021, Lanterra Developments unveiled Natasha The Residences — a 47-storey condominium that will forever shape Toronto’s evolving skyline. Inspired by Natasha Koifman, Toronto’s PR powerhouse and style maven, the building is currently in pre-construction and will house a mixed-use high rise with 420 residential units.

Natasha The Residences will soon stand proud at 263 Adelaide St. W., in the centre of the Fashion District, Chinatown, Entertainment District and Old Toronto, allowing its residents to live a life with world-class and urban conveniences. “I’m so honoured to be part of this project. Adelaide Street and that whole cultural district has been my home, my work home and play home for 20 years,” said Koifman, on the night at the official launch of Natasha The Residences.

Completely designed around the concept of live-work-play, with many notes taken directly from Koifman’s career and home life, the residences are fashioned so that you can go from your chic suite to a private gym session, into the digital-content-creation room, and to an outdoor meeting in a luxurious garden — all within one building. “When we talk about work, life and play, we want to make sure that, when you have someone living there, they’re not going to have 500 square feet of space; they’re going to have 20,500 square feet of space. We really looked at the amenities to be a true extension of living space,” Koifman continued, on the night of the launch.

The official launch took place at Koifman’s personal residence, and, in keeping with the “Natasha” theme, “Natashatinis” were served, with attendees following the “all black everything” dress code based on Koifman’s all-black wardrobe.

“We felt there was nobody better to embody the spirit and the inspiration, the design, the architecture, the lifestyle, that we would like to be spending, than Natasha. So, we decided, let’s just call it Natasha!” added Mark Mandelbaum, chairman and co-founder of Lanterra Developments on the eve of the event.

“This was an opportunity for us to bring to life who Natasha really is, but in a three-dimensional way,” added Alessandro Munge, world-renowned designer of the chic and sophisticated building.

The building is filled with unique amenities, including a pizza oven, self-playing piano and a state-of-the-art gym. It will also feature art by Peter Tunney, whose signature style of large, graphic word art and lettering will be seen throughout the building, including pieces with the text, “The time is always now”, “Don’t panic”, and “Own the day.”

While the building is in pre-construction, the reveal of Natasha The Residences marks one of many more exciting milestones when it comes to the building inspired by Koifman, “So much heart went into this project. I’m just so proud of Lanterra, Alessandro and the architects. It was a true collaboration.”

Source: Dolce

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