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  • A Dynamic Urban Vision

    Lanterra Developments started out with a vision to build iconic urban condominiums that offered a fine balance of location, luxury and lifestyle.

    Lanterra Developments was founded by Mark Mandelbaum and Barry Fenton, two real estate visionaries who began with a dream to develop innovative, one-of-a-kind downtown condominium properties. Over 20 years, we have charted an amazing success story on the Toronto skyline with one iconic condominium after another, scaling new heights in design, style and elegant urban living. Our guiding philosophy goes beyond just condominium building to dynamic urban revitalization and putting Toronto on the global map as the new city of the future, with vibrant master planned mixed use communities, sustainable green living and cutting-edge environmental technologies.

    Mark Mandelbaum
    Mark Mandelbaum


    Barry Fenton


    Christopher J. Wein


    Spectrum of Operations

    Mark Mandelbaum, Chairman of Lanterra Developments, attended undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto and went on to attend University of Toronto Law School where he graduated in 1981. After being called to the Bar in 1983, Mark practiced corporate law for several years in a Toronto downtown law firm. Subsequently, Mark joined his family’s real estate business, H&R Developments as Vice-President Land Development and Corporate Counsel. During a span of over 25 years, Mark managed the acquisition, development, servicing, marketing and sale of thousands of acres of residential, commercial and industrial land throughout the GTA.

    Barry Fenton, President and CEO of Lanterra Developments, attended Law School at the University of Ottawa, was called to the Bar in 1983 and practiced law for two years. In 1985 he became the President of a major real estate firm which specialized in the acquisition and development of commercial and residential properties in both Canada and the United States.

    “Mark and Barry’s respective and unique talents combine to create the synergy to develop and bring to fruition the kind of iconic and landmark buildings for which Lanterra has become so renowned.”


    Mark and Barry joined forces in 1999 upon the acquisition of One Bedford and together formed Lanterra Developments with the goal of creating a first class real estate firm focusing on the anticipated major demographic housing shift to downtown Toronto.

    Condominium development differs greatly from low rise development in that location, architecture, and design plays an enormously more significant role in creating landmark projects and enduring value.

    In this respect, Mark and Barry’s respective and unique talents combine to create the synergy to develop and bring to fruition the kind of iconic and landmark buildings for which Lanterra has become so renowned.

    One Bedford

    Today we are a significant force in the real estate industry in the GTA, with a comprehensive scale of operations that includes Land Acquisition, Development, Design, Construction, Marketing, Rental Management and Support Services. We approach everything we undertake with vision and foresight, guided by our core principles of quality, integrity and professionalism.

    Committed to innovation and growth, Mark and Barry are very hands on in all aspects of Lanterra’s affairs. With a vision for the future, Christopher J. Wein was brought onboard to lead as the President of Lanterra Construction Management Services and Chief Operating Officer of Lanterra Developments. With more than 20 years of senior leadership in the design and development industries including projects with major Canadian real estate companies and throughout the United States, Christopher will oversee all facets relating to the operations of Lanterra, positioning the company for future success. Mark will focus his efforts on architectural design and marketing, while Barry concentrates on acquisitions and partnerships.


    To create landmark urban condominium communities characterized by outstanding location, iconic architecture and design, inspired amenities and innovative technologies – all at an unmatched value.


    To be the condominium builder of choice among smart homebuyers seeking exceptional condominium quality and value and who expect the highest standards of service excellence.


    To always find a better way to add value in everything we do.
    To unite our strengths and drive success for our stakeholders.
    To approach every task with utmost sincerity and dedication.
    To deal with everyone in a courteous and considerate manner.
    To encourage originality and embrace the dynamics of change.
    To abide by the principles of social and corporate stewardship.
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    Our Team Members

    COO & President of Construction

    Christopher J Wein Chief Operating Officer, Lanterra Management Ltd.
    President, Lanterra Construction Management Ltd.

    Vice Presidents

    Doug Wood VP Construction
    Kim Harrison VP Construction Management
    Meera Pathmanathan VP Accounting

    Department Heads

    Amber Pickersgill Director, Customer Operations & Insurance Portfolio
    Vince Cortese Chief Estimator
    Ericka D’abreo Head of Customer Care

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    Customer Service Team

  • What Makes Lanterra Unique

    What makes all of Lanterra’s projects special is that they all share a common attribute - each is a unique, one-of-a-kind landmark that sets a new trend in urban living, a new benchmark against which all subsequent developments are measured.

    Every Lanterra condominium represents the perfect combination of architecture, interior design, a superb selection of suites and floorplans and unbeatable value - all of which come together to offer the finest homes in their class.

    At Lanterra, everything starts with a master plan. We take into account various factors such as location, design, area amenities, environmental considerations, existing and planned transit options, and much more. Each project is carefully developed, themed and marketed to meet the needs of the targeted consumer. From modern urban downtown condominiums like Burano to luxurious and aristocratic residences like Riverhouse, we offer a unique and special address for every homebuyer.

    • Location Open or Close

      It’s often been said that the most important factor in the purchase of a condominium is location, location, location. At Lanterra, we site our condominiums in prime urban locations usually close to the downtown core, where residents can walk to neighbourhood shops and amenities.

      Transit is a major consideration, and most of our condominiums are located within a few minutes walk to the subway station. Nearby art, culture and entertainment destinations, museums, theatres and galleries enrich urban living, while parks add a touch of natural beauty to the urban fabric.

      Ultimately, our master planned vision for the perfect condominium is a diverse, vibrant and multicultural community, served by efficient public transit routes, refreshed with abundant landscaping and greenspace, located close to key urban amenities and offering a lively street culture with pedestrian plazas, markets and more.

    • Architecture Open or Close

      Every site is different, with a unique and compelling story to tell. At Lanterra Developments, we recognize this and strive to express this individuality through innovative architectural compositions that impact shape, form and visual geometry.

      The iconic architecture that distinguishes each project becomes a landmark for the entire neighbourhood, a coveted address for its residents, and a focal point for a vibrant urban community that grows organically as the city flourishes around it. For instance, in the case of One Bedford, award-winning architect Bruce Kuwabara envisioned a gleaming elegant structure of glass, limestone and precast, rising above an eight-storey podium along Bloor Street.

      The architectural grandeur of Murano is a fusion of simplicity and design, advanced building technology and most of all, the inspiration of the legendary glassworks in Italy. Whether it’s the soaring contours of Ice or the clean crisp lines of 3018 Yonge, the spatial perfection of Burano or timeless elegance of Riverhouse, every Lanterra project is a glittering gem on the urban Landscape.

    • Urban Design Open or Close

      We work with leading-edge architects and urban designers who take pride in envisioning new frontiers and new paradigms in building design.

      How a project complements the master vision of a neighbourhood, how its shape and massing affects the urban landscape, how design can be a powerful force to revitalize a downtown district – these are just some of the key drivers behind some of our celebrated projects.

      From the slender sculpture of steel and precast that’s Maple Leaf Square to the playful urban landmark of toy factory lofts, from the sheer glass artistry of Murano to the sleek scandinavian contours of ice, we always keep pushing the envelope in urban design. Celebrating Toronto’s enduring passion for hockey, Maple Leaf Square incorporates a cutting edge sports lounge among its many outstanding amenities. Treviso at Dufferin and Lawrence is inspired by the exquisite vineyards and grand piazzas of Treviso in Italy.

    • Building Amenities Open or Close

      From the moment you enter a Lanterra condominium, you are transported to a realm of luxury and elegance, An oasis of style, comfort and recreation.

      Our world-class amenities start with the magnificent lobby, and extend to gorgeous landscaping, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, spa-inspired pools and whirlpools, sophisticated home theatre and media lounges with remote wi-fi access, grand party rooms with stunning entertainment areas, catering kitchens and bars, incredible outdoor patios with panoramic views, and lots more.

      The recreational options are virtually limitless enriching the lifestyle of the residents and adding value to their home and investment. Today, thousands of Lanterra homeowners are living the dream and entertaining friends and family with cutting-edge club-style amenities that inspire mind, body and spirit.

    • Suite Interiors Open or Close

      Sophisticated, modern and elegant, every Lanterra condominium is the epitome of smart urban living.

      Expertly designed with grace and flow, our condominiums are impressive and comfortable, many with balconies and terraces offering spectacular views of the city skyline. The interiors are spacious, bright and airy, with splendid features like soaring nine foot ceilings, stylish laminate flooring and meticulous custom detailing throughout.

      Open concept floorplans provide plenty of room to live and entertain. Bedrooms are havens of serene solitude, many featuring expansive closets and sumptuous ensuites with spa-inspired features for the ultimate in pampering. Kitchens invoke gourmet sensibilities with custom-crafted cabinetry, gleaming granite counters, eat-in breakfast areas, mood lighting and more.

    • Public Art Open or Close

      At Lanterra, we believe art is a celebration of the creative spirit. At every one of our condominium communities, we have a specially commissioned work of art, strategically placed in the lobby or the common areas, for all of the residents to enjoy and be inspired.

      At our Murano condominium, we commissioned internationally renowned artist Barbara Astman to create the iconic artwork that’s embedded in the podium wall. It celebrates the fabled glass artistry of the island of Murano in Italy.

      At Burano on Bay Street, the four-storey glass atrium houses a custom-designed artwork by eminent artist Sandro Martini of Milan. Our Waterpark City community features a spectacular artwork designed by the world-famous Vito Acconci. Our 39-storey tower at 18 Yonge Street is graced with a unique sculpture by the globally acclaimed Tom Otterness. With every new condominium we build, we will commission new public art that will depict the vibrant, diverse and multicultural ethos that has made Toronto a world-class city

    • Environmental Features Open or Close

      Many of our past and current condominium projects offer cutting-edge environmental features that conserve energy and reduce costs for the residents.

      At all our sites, we are committed to sustainable building technologies, recycling and waste reduction, and the use of environment friendly materials and finishes. Many of our condominiums come with eco-friendly features such as green roofs, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, low VOC paints, natural flooring materials, water-saving showerheads and toilets, and so much more.

      Condominium living is greener than single family homes because it has a smaller environmental impact, and takes fewer resources and materials to construct. Also, because a condominium unit is typically surrounded by other units on three sides as well as above and below, it takes less energy to heat and cool. We build on these intrinsic advantages, and enhance the quality of living through the use of green materials, finishes and technologies. For ultimately, it’s about the sustainability of a place we all call home – our earth.

  • Awards and Recognition

    Lanterra Developments started out with a vision to build iconic urban condominiums that offered a fine balance of location, luxury and lifestyle.

    The dedication to this vision has led to Lanterra being recognized over the years by International and National Organizations for Best Logo to Best Product Design and everything in between.