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Acconci Architectural Installation Creates Public Art at WaterParkCity

Designer/architect Vito Acconci began his career as a poet and performance/installation artist. What interested him most about the literary arts was the blank page; the inertia of reading and writing. How do you transverse a page? What makes you go from left to right, from one page to the next. However, he soon began to think if he was so interested in movement, why was he limiting himself to this page? It was from this moment that he became an artist.

The idea behind the Public Art installation at WaterParkCity is that space doesn’t make sense unless it’s ‘people’ space. Commissioned by Lanterra Developments, this masterpiece was completed in 2011.

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Lanterra Developments is thrilled to celebrate 25 years of shaping Toronto’s iconic skyline!

Since our inception with the renowned One Bedford project in 1999, Lanterra has soared to incredible heights, delivering over 16,000 units across 25 major projects, including captivating multiphase endeavors. Each...

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One Crane Remains for Artists’ Alley’s Three Towers

A short walk from St Patrick station on University Line 1, Lanterra Developments‘ ambitious Artists’ Alley development is taking form. Since UrbanToronto’s previous update last summer, the construction site at 234 Simcoe Street has progressed,...

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Labour-starved provinces seek new ways to draw high-school students to skilled trades

In the bustling landscape of Canada’s labour market, the demand for skilled trades workers is steadily rising, casting a spotlight on the pivotal role they play in driving the nation’s...

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