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Fall 2017 Condominium Updates

The change of seasons brings our newest update on our current projects. Like always, there have been many exciting developments as every one of our properties moves closer to completion. Here’s the latest information, along with some updated photos.

11 Wellesley
During last update, the concrete forming was still being carried out for the ground floor. Since then, the mezzanine level, second, and third floors have been completed. The structure area of the main floor has also been completed. This area will include the main entrances for the condominium and the office space, the ground floor park-facing retail, and other support spaces, like loading areas and the parking garage entrance.

After two months of pouring layers, the fourth floor is almost complete. This is a significant milestone since it’s a massive transfer slab. This 2-meter plus thick slab transfers the load from the floors above to the structural grid below. Of more interest to some of you, the pool, hot tub, and cold plunge were incorporated into this concrete layer. The building’s amenities will be located on the fourth and fifth floors.

We’re close to starting the sixth floor. This will be the first completely residential condominium floor. If you’re a future sixth floor dweller, your condo will soon be under construction. Window installation will also be starting soon.

Expect the pace of construction to pick up since the ground and fourth floors involved the most complicated and time-consuming construction. Before the end of 2017, construction should reach above the ninth floor. At this point, we should be finishing about a floor a week! We are also preparing to begin color selections this fall and owners will be contacted for their appointment by our Design Centre.  If you have moved recently, please contact us and update your information.


Teahouse 501 Yonge Condos is changing Toronto’s skyline. Look up and you’ll see the South Tower crane. In September, the North Tower Crane will also be installed.

The unique foundations being poured for this project have caught media attention! Find out more how we’re bridging the subway tunnel in the latest Urban Toronto article. Check out the great pictures accompanying the article. So far, we’ve completed 75% of the forming and pouring for the concrete beams over the TTC tunnel.

We’ve also started digging on the B2 level of the Southeast part of the site. Everything is proceeding on schedule.

The Britt

 The Britt continues to climb. The top 10 floors have had the formwork, structural steel, and metal deck completed up to the 36th floor.

Work is moving along nicely for each of the wings. The south wing has its windows installed. We’re currently working on the interior drywall and installing the balcony railings. The north wing is pre-cast and the exterior windows are underway.

The windows for the tower’s tenth floor arrived in July. We’re now reinforcing the structure. We’re up to the fourth floor.

Treviso III

The Treviso III is also beginning to climb, with the studs and exterior boarding completed up to the 14th floor. The form work is complete and we’re still working on the pre-cast installation.

If you’re passing by, you’ve probably already noticed that the exterior Stucco is being installed from the second floor to the eighth floor and the aluminum windows have been installed up to the sixth floor.

The progress you can’t see is just as exciting. The interior block work is completed up to the seventh floor and the interior corridor studs are finished up to the fifth floor.

Rodeo Drive Condominiums:

 We know that you’re just as excited about this project as we are. All we can tell you is that construction is scheduled to begin soon. We’ll pass along information on the progress as soon as we confirm some of the details.

That’s the latest news on our current projects. Remember, for the most up-to-date information, keep checking our social media. We know how exciting and excruciating it can be to wait for your new home to be built. We’re committed to keeping you in the loop.

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