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Top 5 Trends from the Interior Design Show 2016

Last month, we visited the annual Interior Design Show in Toronto to get a taste for the latest trends in home decor and design. Here are our top 5 trends from the show:

5. Blue

While Pantone’s colour of the year, Serenity shares the glory with Rose Quartz, rich shades of blue were spotted all over the Interior Design Show. From elegant, gender neutral teal to soft grey blues, the colour was splashed over walls or found in decor accents. A calming colour, it also enlarges the space when combined with crisp white or grey walls.

4. Mixed Materials
Woods, metals and stone joined forces in many booths, where warm natural materials were mixed in with cool, industrial elements. At EQ3, an umbrella stand with a marble base and copper stand was a perfect statement piece for your entry way, while at Garman Furniture, a cross end table in marble and copper could be interlocked and mixed and matched with other wood pieces for a dynamic element.

3. Spanish Tiles
If you’re planning to tile your bathroom or kitchen backsplash, then consider eclectic monochrome Spanish tiles. More subdued than their usual oranges and cobalts, these tiles in greys and rich charcoal can blend in with your stainless steel appliances, while still showing off your personality.

2. Technology
From scanners that can colour match perfectly, to 3D printed faucets, high-tech is being integrated into the home. Keep an eye out for new innovations in electronics and energy-saving home management systems.

1. Wood
Everywhere you looked at IDS, the warm natural material took over design trends. Beyond traditional furniture, wood was seen in sculptural lighting fixtures, and in a clever standing desk design at Gereghty Desk Co. There was even a wood market, at designboom, where attendees could purchase wood items from smaller artisans and designers. Raw wood coffee tables make for an excellent focal point in a condo, while a repurposed barn door can act as a room separator or laid flat as a unique dinner table.

Which design trend are you excited to see in your home?

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